Solar Eco Charger The Beach Edition

Charging while...tanning

     A photovoltaic panel is attached to the top of the umbrella so as to collect solar energy. The collected solar energy is transformed into electrical energy which in turn is transported via a cable to the charger unit.

The charger unit can be installed at any height on the umbrella pole. It contains the charger regulator through which the electrical energy is stored in the storage battery. In addition, it includes 2 built-in USB ports through which devices can be charged without the necessity for any other action on the part of the user, except to plug in the devices to the socket.

Technical Characteristics

  • High performance photovoltaic panel
  • Waterproof charger unit, resistant to beach conditions and any other outdoor environment
  • It can “survive” in the heat, in the cold, in moist conditions and sand
  • It is a self-sustained system, without the need for external power source
  • It can simultaneously charge up to two (2) devices (iOS, android)
  • Easy installation
  • It does not incur any operating costs
  • It uses “clean” renewable energy
  • Maintenance service provided