Solar Eco Charger The Urban Edition

Charging while...socializing

     Solar Eco Charger the urban edition, is a specially designed city charging station. It consists of a robust metal structure which features four USB charging outputs (android and iOS), while it is based on the same operating principle as the Solar Eco Charger the beach edition.
     Two high-performance photovoltaic panels are mounted at the top of the station on a special variable orientation arm in order to achieve optimum performance.
     In addition, it features support studs near each USB charging socket, so that the user has the option to place their mobile phone or other objects - bag, coffee cup etc - during charging.

Technical Characteristics

  • High performance photovoltaic panel
  • Sturdy metal structure
  • It can “survive” in the heat, in the cold and in moist conditions
  • It is a self-sustained system, without the need for external power source
  • It can simultaneously charge up to two (4) devices (iOS, android)
  • Easy installation and relocation
  • It does not incur any operating costs
  • It uses “clean” renewable energy
  • Maintenance service provided
  • CE marking